Financial donations are greatly appreciated during this time and will directly benefit sex workers living and working in Waterloo Region.

Donations can be made to SWAN’s financial sponsor, ACCKWA, by following this link:

*Be sure to include a message that the donation is intended for SWAN!

We are also accepting donations for our Care Packages program, which distributes items to sex workers in Waterloo Region.

We’re looking for items that would make somebody having a hard time feel a little bit more valued, or anything that would be practical for homeless folks. These could include but aren’t limited to any cosmetics, skincare, soap, lotions, makeup wipes/wipes in general, accessories, purses, reusable bags, backpacks, and prepackages snacks.

During COVID-19, ACCKWA is accepting donations to SWAN. All donated items are being safely quarantined before distribution.

Any questions or comments regarding donations can be addressed to