Bad Date List


The purpose of reporting a Bad Date is to gather details of persons that may pose a threat to sex workers in Waterloo Region.

The information you provide will be kept anonymous. We will not ask for any information about you, just the Bad Date. The purpose is to help others know who to avoid and situations to be aware of.

Bad Date Reporting is not for emergencies. If you have an emergency, call 911.

If you want to request access, read the section below, “How to add to or access the bad date list.”

How to add to or access the bad date list

There are 2 ways to send us a Bad Date Report:

  1. Download the Bad Date Reporting Form and email it to to OR
  2. Fill out the Bad Date Reporting Form below.

To access the Bad Date List, email or use the Contact Us form to request access.

Bad Date Report form

This information will be shared with other sex workers in Waterloo Region.

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