Members Code of Conduct

SWAN members are expected to work together towards the liberation of all people from the perspective of and with a focus on sex workers, to treat each other well, protect each other, and work through any issues in good faith.

Our members code of conduct spells out some of what this means. We add to and edit this as needed.

SWAN Members Code of Conduct

Members of SWAN

SWAN members self identify as they see fit. Members of any policing body are NOT welcome to join SWAN or attend any meetings, regardless of whether they’re on duty.

We are accountable to each other.

Oppressive behaviour will be held accountable with no exceptions. All fucking around that happens in good faith will be engaged with. Bad faith fucking around will not be tolerated. 


Good faith fucking around: Having difficulty with using someone’s proper pronouns, but with regular self-correction and without making a big deal about it when they’re called out.

Bad faith fucking around: Labelling someone as harmful because they call you out often.


We recognize the definition of gossip being women talking. Private conversations about others that are abusive, mocking, or apolitically divisive are not acceptable. Private conversations about others regarding safety, comfort, issue navigation, or other matters that happen in good faith are welcomed.

Security Culture is essential to Sex Work organizing.

We don’t share information without need and consent.

Be gentle with each other so that we can be dangerous together.

Love, rage, trust, learn, and grow together.

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