The Sex Workers’ Action Network (SWAN) of Waterloo Region is composed of individuals, including those with lived experience, agencies, and groups committed to recognizing and honouring sex workers. SWAN Waterloo was created in 2012 in response to the need for an organization dedicated to supporting sex workers in Waterloo Region. 

To achieve our goals, SWAN Waterloo conducts three primary activities:

  1. We serve as Waterloo Region’s collaborative group for individuals, agencies and groups working on issues pertaining to sex work in Waterloo Region.
  2. We work to create sustainable initiatives that utilize existing community resources to address needs in sex work. 
  3. We support our members to undertake education, advocacy and action.

SWAN Waterloo Values

  1. Sex work is work.
  2. Anti-oppression bottom lines everything.
  3. Sex work needs to be decriminalized.
  4. Nothing about us without us.
  5. Sex workers do not need to be rescued or saved from sex work.
  6. Sex work is different from sex trafficking.
  7. Sex work is an in-demand service.
  8. We support baby whores.
  9. We support outdoor and indoor sex workers.


SWAN Waterloo members includes individuals with and without lived experience in sex work and representatives from organizations who work with people in the sex work community. All members are volunteers.

Recognizing the need for expertise, SWAN Waterloo encourages individuals directly involved in sex work to participate as often as possible in any way that works best for you.

Our work is by and for sex workers and those who honor them.


SWAN Waterloo membership is open to everyone who shares our values and goals. We especially encourage folks directly involved in sex work to participate as often as possible in any way that works best for you. 

Organizational Relationships

Though we do not have organizational membership, we work with a number of organizations in Waterloo Region and connect with a global network of sex work action projects.

SWAN Waterloo Region is a member of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects and the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform. The AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Area (ACCKWA) and the SHORE Centre are our financial sponsors. SWAN Waterloo has a strong working relationship with the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region (SASC).


Last Updated: July 2022

We currently receive financial support from the following sources.


Donations can be made through e-transfer to swanwaterlooregion1@gmail.com. Donations of all amounts are appreciated.

We are a very grassroots organization, and while we can try to make it work with $0, we can do so much more when we’ve got some money. Our priority is to fund our programs (ex. Drop-In). Donated funds may also be used for outreach (ex. making buttons) or operations (ex. paying for this website domain).

Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation

We are supported by a grant from Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation.

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