About Us

Sex Workers’ Action Network (SWAN) of Waterloo Region is a non-partisan group consisting of individuals, including those with lived experience, agencies and groups committed to recognizing and honouring individuals working in sex work.

What We Aim To Do

1. Serve as Waterloo Region’s collaborative group for individuals, agencies and groups working on issues pertaining to sex work in Waterloo Region.

2. Creating a sustainable initiative(s) that utilizes existing community resources to address the needs in sex work.

3. Support our members to undertake education, advocacy and action through:

  • Identifying barriers and gaps; support agencies/organizations in the development and implementation of programs

  • Creating an annual work plan and creating ad-hoc committees as necessary to complete the plan

  • Providing various sources (i.e. meetings, social media, workshops, website, listserve, etc.) for members to be aware of programs and initiatives meeting the needs of and relating to sex work.

Waterloo Region will be a community where sex workers will have a voice, be recognized as valuable members of society, and will have access to community resources that respectfully provide safety, support and choices that foster well-being.



(1) Sex work identifies as both “on the street” and “off the street”.

(2) Sex work as it relates to those who are in sex work, or moving into sex work specifically focusing on reducing barriers to supports (health, psycho-social, etc.)

(3) To be available for consultation re: issues pertaining to sex work for agencies and organizations

(4) Supporting people involved in sex work as having the same rights as others without prejudice, value or moral judgement.

Agencies That Support Us

ACCKWASHORE / Sexual Assault Support Centre / House of Friendship