Sex Workers Welcome Training

Sex Workers Welcome Training display decal.

SWAN seeks to confront stigma against sex work head on.

Part of this anti-stigma work involves providing our Sex Workers Welcome training to diverse groups, agencies, and organizations in Waterloo Region.

The content of the training was developed by sex workers and brings to the forefront the various intersecting challenges sex workers may face while working, accessing services, and staying safe. The intention is to educate the community on sex work while providing practical tools to be a safer ally to sex workers.

Our training is ideal for health and social service personnel who provide services for the general public or for sex workers in particular.

The training is typically between 60-90 minutes, depending on the availability and needs of the group. The 90 minute option allows more room for questions, activities, and discussion tailored to your needs. Depending on the organization, we can train by team or department rather than the entire agency. We will work with you to explore options that best suit your group. A copy of our training materials will be made available for you.

Sex Workers Welcome Decal Option

When receiving the SWAN Sex Workers Welcome training, your group has the option to receive a Sex Workers Welcome decal to display in your space. The decal can indicate to folks entering your space that it is a welcoming space for sex workers. It also serves as a reminder for volunteers, staff, and students to offer services based on a judgment-free delivery model.

To receive a Sex Workers Welcome decal, your group must agree to uphold our Decal Agreement.

Please note:

*A key aspect of this agreement is that “We commit to ensuring that all current and future staff and volunteers are aware of our organization’s commitment. We will provide resources and training to ensure compliance” which would mean that every volunteer, staff, and student present and future would read over the Sex Workers Welcome Powerpoint we provide as well as commit agree to uphold the agreement.

*You can opt into the decal program but if it seems like too much of a commitment at this time, you can still receive the same training and training materials without the decal commitment. The information is still useful for folk to have regardless of whether there is a decal or not.

Sex Worker Led and Allied Groups 

If you are a sex worker led or allied group and would like to offer a training and decal program in your own community,  we would be happy to connect to share our resources and collaborate.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a training.