Drop In Program

Drop In poster3

SWAN Waterloo Region is thrilled to announce that we have started a drop in program for and by sex workers! It occurs every Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Drop by for solidarity, snacks, and free resources (including clothing, hygiene products, safer sex materials, harm reduction, and more)!

SWAN’s drop in program is designed to be a place where sex workers can come together, and gain access to needed resources and community; without judgement, policing, or surveillance.

We can provide sex workers with:

  • Coffee, tea, and snacks 
  • Resources and referrals 
  • Condoms and lube
  • Harm reduction supplies 
  • STI testing clinic(s) 
  • Clothing, soaps, lotions, etc
  • Menstrual hygiene supplies 
  • Access to computers and phones 
  • Bus tickets
  • Opportunities to get involved and have their voice heard 
  • Time to speak and build community with other sex workers in the region


Why create a drop in program for sex workers? 

  • Sex workers are currently, and have historically, been shunned and excluded from online and physical spaces (i.e. downtown districts, craigslist). Being intentional in claiming space is an act of liberation and resistance.
  • Marginalization creates a greater need for services and support.
  • Sex workers have few safe spaces and non-biased places to access resources. 
  • Sex workers know what they need most, and where marginalization lies. This is why our drop in program is sex worker led. 
  • To create an opportunity for sex workers to network and organize in ways which don’t exist in Waterloo Region.
  • To have somewhere that understands and affirms sex workers’ lives, needs, and experiences; in a world that doesn’t want to. 

Safety and lack of surveillance is of utmost importance so we are releasing the exact location on social media. Call or text our drop-in facilitator at 519-465-2236 or email swanwaterlooregion1@gmail.com for more information and location.